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Bulldog Pedigree Dutch Hoe

Bulldog Pedigree Dutch Hoe

The Bulldog Pedigree Dutch Hoe is a versatile and effective gardening tool designed for hoeing and weeding. Featuring a sharp, flat blade with a slight angle, this hoe is ideal for cutting through weeds just below the soil surface.


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Bulldog Pedigree Dutch Hoe

With a slightly angled blade and a front cutting edge for keeping weeds at bay and hoeing between seedlings established plants and shrubs – a traditional tool that every gardener should have!

This Dutch hoe allows gardeners to maintain weed-free soil and promote healthy plant growth. It’s a practical choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient tool for hoeing and cultivating their garden beds.

  • Perfect for working between seedlings, established plants and shrubs
  • Slightly angled blade with a front cutting edge for keeping weeds at bay
  • Tool can be pushed and pulled just below the surface of the soil to slice through weed roots
  • Robust 54″ ash handle
  • Lightweight and attractive garden tool

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